MacBook defective? Throw away? No, sell it.

  • Fair money for your broken MacBook
  • Free data backup
  • Secure data erasure
  • Free shipping
  • Fast payout

How to sell your MacBook

Only a few days pass from the price determination to the payment of the purchase price. What happens in the background during this time you can see here.
1. price determination

By entering a few data, you perform a self-assessment of your MacBook. You will then receive a price quote immediately.

2. shipping

Once you have accepted our price offer you will receive a free DHL shipping label. With this shipping label you can send in your MacBook free of charge.

3. data reconciliation

An employee will compare your information with the condition of your device. Devices that are rated too poorly will automatically be compensated better by us.

4. disbursement

After successful data reconciliation, the agreed purchase price will be credited to you by bank transfer or PayPal, as desired.


1. price determination

Before we can quote you a purchase price for your defective MacBook, we need some information. You will receive a purchase price immediately afterwards. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at +49 231 22 61 46 30.

    Was für ein MacBook möchtest du verkaufen?

    Displaygröße MacBook Pro

    Modeljahr MacBook Air

    Modeljahr MacBook Pro

    Modeljahr MacBook Pro Touch


    Festplatte MacBook Air

    Festplatte MacBook Pro

    Festplatte MacBook Pro Touch



    Wurde ein Reparaturversuch unternommen?

    Wie ist der optische Zustand des Geräts?

    Hat das Macbook ein deutsches (QWERTZ) Tastaturlayout?

    Wird das originale Netzteil mit verkauft und ist dies unbeschädigt?

    Wünschst du eine Datensicherung (falls möglich)?

    Bitte trag deine persönliche Daten ein um den Verkauf abzuschließen

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    Advantages that you can only enjoy with us

    When you sell your defective MacBook at notebooknerds, you benefit from numerous advantages.
    Good prices

    A defective device is far from worthless and we know that. We offer a fair price for your defective device and pay it out quickly.

    Free data backup

    Your device is defective but important data is still stored? If your hard drive is still readable, we will back up your data free of charge and 100% discreetly upon request.

    Secure data erasure

    Your privacy is sacred to us. For this reason, your data will be securely deleted by us. It is no longer possible to restore the data afterwards.

    Free shipping

    You want to get money for your device, not spend it. Therefore, it is natural for us to cover the shipping costs.

    Fast payout

    After receiving your device, it takes an average of 7 business days to get paid. A payout is possible via Paypal or SEPA bank transfer.

    Satisfaction guarantee

    If we are unable to offer you the price first quoted after inspecting your unit, you may cancel the sale. Your device will be returned to you free of charge.

    Frequently asked questions

    Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    You specify on our website which device you want to sell. After you tell us what damage or defects the device has, we will tell you the estimated purchase price. In the confirmation email you will receive a link to print the free DHL shipping label. After we receive your device, it will be checked. After successful verification you will receive the money within about seven working days via Paypal or SEPA transfer.

    It may happen that something is overlooked during the self-assessment. In this case you will receive an adjusted offer. If you do not agree with the offer, we will send your MacBook back to you free of charge.

    Briefly and in 3 points said:

    • On request we can backup your data free of charge
    • We offer you fair purchase prices
    • Finally, your data will be deleted discreetly and securely

    Most of our customers care about their data and rarely have all of their data been adequately backed up. If your hard disk is still readable you can get a complete image of your hard disk with all your data. We offer data backup free of charge upon request. You can provide us with a suitable storage medium or purchase one from us.