We provide an independent tool for calibrating MacBook sleep sensors. No Apple required.


Sleep sensors calibration made easy
  • easy 1 minute sleep sensor calibration
  • no need for Apple's assistance
  • supports MacBook Air / Pro starting from 2019
  • extension port for additional tasks
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Louis Rossmann
Rossmann Repair Group Inc.

“The nerd.tool.1 reinstates the autonomy of independent repair stores, enabling them to perform their daily operations. In instances where Apple does not supply the essential tools, our commitment remains steadfast in crafting our unique solutions.”

Independent sensor calibration

nerd.tool.1 empowers independent repair stores to calibrate the display angle sensors of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air without Apple’s assistance. Discover how our innovative tool enables you to effortlessly calibrate the display angle sensor on customers MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Supported MacBooks


A2485 / A2780

A2442 / A2779


nerd.tool.1 features

MacBook Pro/Air sleep sensor calibration

With the nerd.tool.1, you can easily calibrate your MacBook Pro and Air display angle sensor with the push of a button. No Apple needed.

No additional devices needed

The nerd.tool.1 requires only a 5 V USB-C power connection and operates independently, without the necessity of a computer or any additional data connections.

Two connectors for many different MacBooks.

With its two onboard connectors, the nerd.tool.1 can be connected to MacBook Air and MacBook Pro sensors starting from 2019.

Additional extension port

We have also incorporated an extension port to accommodate potential future functionalities of the nerd.tool.1. While these additional capabilities may not have been realized at present, we remain hopeful that either our team or the broader community will contribute to their development in the near future.

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Let's get open source​

Our primary objective is to develop and provide valuable tools designed to assist independent repair shops in their operations. In order to enhance and sustain these tools, your collaboration is paramount. We wholeheartedly invite your valuable input and suggestions, as they play an integral role in our continuous improvement efforts. To facilitate this collaborative approach, we have planned to releasing our source code for public access after reaching a milestone of 200 orders. This initiative is intended to empower the community to innovate and create enhanced iterations of the nerd.tool.1, fostering the development of even more refined and efficient solutions.

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Because some people have been inquiring about how they can contribute to support the development of such tools, we are now offering an option to leave a tip via PayPal. Thank you very much!

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After replacing the display angle sensor and installing a new one, the new angle sensor has to be calibrated. nerd.tool.1 was designed for this specific task.

Please watch this instructional video on how to use the nerd.tool.1 


We ship worldwide unless prohibited by sanctions or an embargo.

No, the nerd.tool.1 doesn’t fix this problem. The nerd.tool.1 is only designed to calibrate the display angle sensor.

There is currently no plan to rent the nerd.tool.1.