Looking to sell defective/retired MacBooks? We delete and recycle them.

  • Data erasure with erasure certificate
  • Uncomplicated processing
  • Equipment sales increase IT budget
  • Free shipping material
  • Depending on the quantity pick up on site

This is how the recovery of your MacBooks works

It takes only a few weeks from contact to payment. What happens in the background during that time, you can see here.
1. contact

Fill out our contact form and we will contact you immediately. In a personal meeting, we determine your individual needs in order to prepare an offer for the recovery of your IT hardware.

2. offer preparation

After we have received all the necessary information about the hardware to be recycled, we will prepare a purchase offer for you. The device data can be provided to us via online form or tables (e.g. Excel).

3. equipment collection

Depending on the amount of hardware to be recycled, the MacBooks can be picked up on site or shipped to us. In both cases, we will cover the transportation costs.

4. order processing

We check the devices and, if desired, perform certified data erasure. Afterwards you will receive a certificate with which you can prove the successful deletion.

5. settlement

Depending on the purchase price and desired service options (e.g. certified data erasure or repair), you will receive a credit note or invoice for the completed order.


1. contact

In order for us to provide you with a purchase offer, please fill out the following contact form. We will then contact you to discuss your individual needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us directly +49 231 58 02 12 97.

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Advantages you enjoy only with us

If you sell your defective/retired MacBooks at notebooknerds, you will benefit from numerous advantages.
Certified data destruction

With Blancco and Toolhouse software solutions, we wipe your devices to NIST or BSI standards. After each deletion performed, you will receive a tamper-proof, auditable certificate of deletion.

Uncomplicated processing

To make the recovery of your defective and end-of-life MacBooks a breeze, we've made our purchase process as simple as possible for you.

Increase IT budget

Both your broken and retired MacBooks still have value. This usually exceeds the cost of our certified data erasure. In plain language, this means for you: you get a certified data erasure + money to increase your IT budget.

Free transportation

Our all-round service also includes free transport of your hardware to our repair center. Depending on the amount of equipment to be recycled, you have the option to have the MacBooks shipped or picked up.

Fast billing

Depending on the volume, it only takes a few weeks (two weeks on average) until your order is billed.

Satisfaction guarantee

We want you to have it as easy as possible. Thanks to your personal contact, you can ask questions at any time, in the process. He will be prompt to assist you in completing the process.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In order to protect your company data, we delete your hard drive data upon recovery according to the standards you request. If you do not make a special request, we will delete in accordance with BSI or NIST, depending on the data storage used. After our data destruction, your data is deleted in an audit-proof manner.

Defective hard disks that cannot be erased with our software tools are mechanically destroyed.

Yes. You will receive a digitally signed certificate of deletion for each deletion.

There are two ways to determine the purchase price for your MacBooks.

Unaudited purchase: With this purchase variant, we estimate the purchase price according to your specifications.

Advantage: Fast processing

Disadvantage: Lower purchase prices

Audited purchase: With this purchase option, we inspect each device to determine an accurate purchase price.

Advantage: Higher purchase prices

Disadvantage: Longer processing time