On this website, you'll find additional materials to help you with your nerd.tool.1.



In this section you can find videos with additional informations to the nerd.tool.1

MacBook Pro calibration (coming soon)

MacBook Air calibration (coming soon)

Sensor reset (only for nerd.tool.1 calibrated sensors) (coming soon)

MacBook Pro calibration (old) (prototype)

Louis Rossmann nerd.tool.1 demonstration

nerd.tool.1 firmware update (coming soon)

Supported MacBooks


A2485 / A2780

A2442 / A2779


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After replacing the display angle sensor and installing a new one, the new angle sensor has to be calibrated. nerd.tool.1 was designed for this specific task.

Please watch this instructional video on how to use the nerd.tool.1 


We ship worldwide unless prohibited by sanctions or an embargo.

No, the nerd.tool.1 doesn’t fix this problem. The nerd.tool.1 is only designed to calibrate the display angle sensor.

Shipping is scheduled for the second half of October.

There is currently no plan to rent the nerd.tool.1.